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SAR Raw Feeding Calculator

We have designed a raw feeding and ordering calculator tool to help with meal planning and ordering.

Follow the instructions below and check out the examples below for how to use this tool.  If you have issues or questions, you can email us at

Download the calculator tool in Excel format using this link:  SAR Raw Feeding Calculator in Excel

Access the calculator tool in Google sheets using this link:  SAR Raw Feeding Calculator in Google Sheets

Instructions on how to use the calculator:

• Step 1 - Enter data in blue fields (results will be displayed in pink fields)

  ◦  Enter Pet’s Weight: can be used for multiple pets as long as target percent is the same for all pets
  ◦  Enter Target Percent: this is based on age and activity level of pet; typically between 2-5%
  ◦  Enter Number of Days:  0.5 (1/2) day can be used for one meal, 30 days for a month, 122 days for 4 months, etc.

• Step 2 - Daily Percentages - enter the percentage for each food fed (must total 100%). 
  ◦  Hint: you can substitute % for another food item (i.e., you can use tripe for veggies if needed)

• Step 3 - Intermittent Tripe Feeding if you do not feed as a percentage of meal every day
  ◦  Amount: enter the amount of tripe in ounces fed on days you feed tripe
  ◦  # of days: Enter the # of days per period (which is the # of days in Step 1)

• All fields in pink below will calculate based on input
  ◦  Daily Amount - calculated on the daily % entered in Step 2 (does not include intermittent tripe feeding)
  ◦  Sub-total Amounts - based on the # of days in Step 1 (includes intermittent tripe feeding)
  ◦  Grand Total - total of all food in Sub-total

• Go to Ordering Calculator tab (enter data in blue fields)
  ◦  Pounds currently on hand: Enter the # of lbs of food you currently have in the freezer and refrigerator for each food item
  ◦  Pounds needed for # days - This data from will automatically populate from Raw Feeding Calculator (based on # of days in Step 1)
  ◦  Total pounds to order - Use this information to plan your orders.

Clicking on the example links below will open a PDF file.  These examples show options for how to use the tool and are not intended as feeding suggestions.

Example #1 - Tripe Only
Calculates how much is needed every 4 months; this example shows that 12 oz of tripe is fed every day, you would need to order 91.5 lbs of tripe for 4 months

Example #2 - One Meal/One Dog
This shows how much to feed one dog per meal with an average activity level

Example #3 - Two Cats/No Tripe
For two active cats (one 6 lb and one 10 lb) who don't eat tripe - shows how much for 4 months

Example #4 - Two Dogs/All Tripe Meal Fed Once Per Week
Shows how much for two dogs (one 80 lb and one 50lb) who are fed an all tripe meal once per week in place of regular meal (reduce # of days in Step 1 to 26 (i.e., 30 days for the month minus 1 day per week).  Enter Daily Requirement ounces from Step 1 into Intermittent Tripe feeding and enter 4 for days (for one day per week)

Example #5 - Two Dogs/Tripe Fed Each Day/No Organ
This example shows how much for 4 months for two dogs who are fed 25% tripe at each meal (no organ meat).