Please use the links below for pet-related resources.  Anyone can enter the information; no admin permission is needed.  Just make sure to edit only your own info and remove your info when the item is sold.

To let the group know that there is an update to the sheets, please post to our FB group with a quick summary of the item(s) for sale or resource posted and reference the sheet you updated. 

Also, if you are looking for items for sale or need to find a pet resource, please check the sheets before posting to FB.

Use this sheet/link to add recommended vets, boarding facilities, groomers, pet sitters, etc.  If you have a pet-related business, or want to share information with other members, please add the info to this sheet.

Use this sheet/link to advertise any pet-related items you have for sale such as pet food (raw, kibble, freeze-dried, etc), eggs for sale, supplements, slaughtering, crates, collars, beds, etc. 

If you make contact with a perspective vendor that you would like us to open to our members, please make an initial contact and include the info in this sheet and send us an email letting us know you have added a vendor to the sheet.

Other Resources

Suzy's Doggie Delights is a 10+ year family owned & operated manufacturer of raw dog food using the freshest USDA-inspected ingredients! Servicing customers in AZ and CO.
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Check out the calendar tab on the website for delivery schedules to various AZ locations including Tucson. 

Southern AZ Raw