Order Month

Phoenix Pickup

One week

Days:  Mon - Fri

Time: 9 AM to 4 PM

Tucson Pickup

One day

Day: Friday

Time: 2:00 - 2:30 PM

Replacement Case DistributionBRDF


TBD **


TBD **

** Please check your email for details on replacement cases.

Pick up Schedule

- Dates and times for each order will be posted here when orders are available to be picked up by members.

- It is VERY important that you know what you ordered and verify that you are getting what you ordered when you pick it up.  It is just as much your responsibility to ensure you are getting what you ordered as it is ours or the staff at ACS.

- If a pickup is posted as TBD, this means we do not have the information yet regarding the order arrival, therefore we will post as soon as we get more information.​

​- If a pickup is posted as Tentative, this means that we have an estimated delivery date, however we cannot confirm distribution dates until the order is received by frozen storage warehouses.  

For Tentative pickup dates, make sure to check back here the day of distribution and check your email for distribution confirmation.

Southern AZ Raw

Dec 2017 BRDF Order Map

​​​​​Please use the map link above to volunteer to pick up orders for other members or to coordinate alternate distribution locations.

You can scroll down on the page for individual order details​