SAR is NO longer accepting PayPal payments. SAR is now using Zelle for ALL electronic payments.

Southern AZ Raw

Invoice Information
- Invoices ​will be emailed to the address entered on the order form within two days of order closing (unless otherwise posted on our website).  
- If any corrections or changes are needed, email SAR as soon as possible.

- Invoices are due UPON RECEIPT.

Invoice accuracy and member responsibility
- SAR is not responsible for mistakes if you pay an invoice without viewing it.

- It is the responsibility of each member to verify that their order is correct and accurate AND that they have not placed a duplicate order.
- You must review your invoice for accuracy before submitting payment.
- Invoice emails contain summary info only.  You MUST click on the link in the email to view the actual INVOICE.
- If the invoice items, quantities OR pickup location are incorrect, do not pay the invoice and send an email for corrections prior to order closing date.
- If you select the wrong pickup location on the order form, and do not email us prior to order closing date to correct it, you will be responsible to pickup your order from the location you selected.  SAR will not make arrangements to have your order shipped to an alternate location.
- If you do not receive an email confirmation or invoice email, please check junk and spam folders and settings for your email account.​

Payment Information

- Payments can be made using either 1) Zelle* or 2) Personal Check
     * Zelle is the preferred method of payment
- Payments are due upon receipt of invoice

Zelle Payment Instructions
- Send payment to:
- Enter the invoice amount
- Be sure to enter the invoice # you are paying (on BofA app - What’s it for?)

    Click here for screen shot of Bank of America payment on iPhone

Personal Check Instructions **

- Make check payable to:  Bridget Durham
- Mail check to:
     Bridget Durham
     2121 N. Post Rd.

​     Arcadia, OK  73007
- Check must be mailed upon receipt of invoice
- Email to let us know you mailed a check
- Do NOT make checks payable to Southern AZ Raw nor include Southern AZ Raw in the mailing address.  (We cannot deposit checks made payable to SAR nor will the PO deliver mail to SAR).
- Orders may be cancelled by SAR if invoices are not paid on time (unless prior arrangements are made).

Getting Started with Zelle
Please visit the Zelle website for a list of banks and credit unions to start using Zelle.

Download the Zelle app
Download on the AppStore:
Get it on Google Play:

Using Smartphone App
- Open the Zelle app on your phone
- Enter your mobile number, then click Get Started
- Select your bank or credit union, then click on Use My Bank
- The app for your bank should launch; if not, open your bank’s app and follow the instructions to send money using an email address

No smartphone or you prefer to use a computer browser?
You can access Zelle to send money without a smartphone.  If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you may use their online banking site to send and receive money without a mobile device. If your bank or credit union does not offer Zelle, then you must have a smartphone in order to access our Zelle app to send and receive money using a debit card.

     Using Web Browser
     Access your online banking site on a web browser and follow your bank’s instructions to send money using an email address

     Each online banking website is different, however below is a short video for using Bank of America:

If your bank does not use Zelle?
You can use your Debit card on the smartphone app to send a payment.
Choose Don’t See your Bank? at the bottom of the app screen then enter your information.

** Insufficient Funds Fees for Check Writers

Member is responsible for any and all charges incurred by SAR for insufficient funds (NSF).  If SAR incurs any fees, the member must pay the order total plus the fees within 24 hours in order to participate in the order.  SAR reserves the right to require payment via money order for subsequent orders.