Neck slices (Lamb, Pork and Beef)
Neck slices are between 1.5" and 2" wide. Beef and Pork (due to the size of the vertebrae) will be cut on both the transverse and midsagittal planes. Lamb will only be cut on the transverse plane.

* The beef heart above show whole hearts however the beef heart on our price list is Beef Heart Chunk which are cut into approximately 1-2" cubes.  The chunks will have the same processing as the whole hearts above which will remove most of the pericardial fat.

Photos are for illustrating packaging options only and may not reflect actual products available for order

1 inch beef marrow bones

* Beef Heart Vac-Pack, in case

2 lb brick case

2 lb vs 5 lb bricks

5 lb brick case

6 lb package ground blend patties

Goat Heart chunks Vac-Pack

5 lb brick case