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Southern AZ Raw is a Buying Club with members who are dedicated to feeding their dogs and cats a raw food diet.  The buying power of the group allows us to purchase in bulk and obtain a variety of low cost products.


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Southern AZ Raw

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DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY:  While the members of Southern AZ Raw generally feed their cats and dogs a raw diet, the decision by a pet owner to feed a pet a raw diet is an individual one to be made by the pet owner.  Southern AZ Raw recommends that pet owners consult a veterinary professional before feeding a pet a raw diet, especially if the pet is a special needs companion animal. 

The members of Southern AZ Raw cooperate to facilitate the purchase of certain products for animal consumption but are not the vendors of the products and make no warranties with respect thereto.  Any description of these products comes entirely from the vendor(s). The purchase of any product facilitated by Southern AZ Raw constitutes a waiver of any and all claims against any member of Southern AZ Raw arising out of or in connection with the purchase or use of any such product.Type your paragraph here.